Guidelines for Website Photos and Articles

(or send offsite link to photos or videos to the webmaster for the offsite Gallery)

Please note that there is no longer any need to send thumbnails

for Rally Gallery submission if you have a Mac, simply use iPhoto: it prepares the whole thing including thumbnail gallery 1 click
add the photos to your iphoto library and then select all, and choose export/webpage to a new folder on your desktop (which you could either upload to your own server space, sending me the link, or simply zip and send to me in dropbox or email), which i will link to in the offsite gallery with a thumbnail..

edit -- the new macs use Photos which can't export the webpage, but they do have the ability to save & export a slideshow of the photos which u cld also zip/send me in dropbox if u wanted

Members have asked us to increase the size of photos in the Rally Gallery, so we've increased the longest dimension size in para. 6 below to 900 pixels.

There is no need to include captions with your photos, as you can insert them yourself. See para 8 below.

We welcome photographs and articles for the website, and we can accept most formats. However, if you could keep the following guidelines in mind, it would save the webmaster a lot of work:

  1. DAN v. Website We prefer that articles appear in DAN before they appear on the website, as members have commented that they have already seen some of the contents of newly-published DANs. Please therefore send articles for DAN to the editor at email for DAN, following the Specifications for DAN Articles. If you definitely want your article to appear only on the website, please read the advice below and send it to the Webmaster.

    Please be aware that any photos in the Gallery may be used in DAN

  2. Articles Articles are best sent as plain or RTF text, Pages(Mac) or as MS Word documents. If you have done a layout with text and pictures and it is important that it appears exactly as you have done it, the best format to use is PDF (Adobe Acobat). Budding web designers are of course welcome to send in complete web pages, but please try to conform to the style of the Drascombe Association website.

  3. Diagrams and sketches. GIF (.gif) is the most suitable format for sketches and diagrams. As with JPEGs, please restrict the longest dimension to 550 pixels.

  4. Photos - Sending When sending photos by email, please put them in a compressed (.zip) folder. How to do that:

    a. Copy the photos you want to send to a new folder.

    b. If you have MS Windows XP, right click on the folder in Explorer and choose Send To, then Compressed (zipped) Folder.

    c. If you have other versions of Windows you will need a utility program such as WinZip or one of the free Zip programs available on the Internet.

  5. Photos - Saving When you are preparing photos, avoid saving them as JPEG more than once, as there is a loss of quality each time a photo is saved in this format. It's best to work in a lossless format such as TIFF and save as JPEG when you have finished.

  6. Photos - Size If you know how to resize photos, make the longest dimension of all photos 900 pixels - save them as .jpg files with a compression factor of 15 (85%).  It saves time if you can add the suffix _P to the filenames of photos which are in Portrait format rather than Landscape (eg poole11_P.jpg).

  7. Photos - Thumbnails There is no longer any need to send thumbnails.

  8. Photos - Captions Please do not include captions with your photos. When we have uploaded your photos, we will send you an email with a link to a form where you can enter captions.

  9. Photos - Order If you want a series of photos to appear in a specific order, please make that clear in your accompanying email or, even better, number the filenames sequentially (poole01.jpg, poole02.jpg, etc) in the order in which they should appear. If you want the photos to appear in the order that you took them, the filenames generated by your digital camera are quite acceptable. Please avoid spaces in file names.

  10. Photos - The Let-Out Clause If all of the above is gobbledegook to you, just send the photos in whatever format you can - we do want them! Just bear in mind that this involves the webmaster in a lot of work, so there may be a delay before your photos appear on the website.

  11. If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster first.

Please send photos and articles to email for web

Gallery photos should be sent to email for gallery

or send offsite link to photos to the webmaster for the offsite Gallery

Updated on 5/12/14 (jol)

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