Drascombe Association

Plymouth Rally - August 3rd-5th

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King of the pontoon
1 King of the pontoon
Pontoon BBQ
2 Pontoon BBQ
Summer BBQ
3 Summer BBQ
Pontoon BBQ
4 Pontoon BBQ
Adventure tales
5 Adventure tales
Still cooking
6 Still cooking
Parfitt finger meal
7 Parfitt finger meal
Sizeable steak
8 Sizeable steak
Encouragement needed
9 Encouragement needed
Sandy and John
10 Sandy and John
Thats good
11 Thats good
Behind the action
12 Behind the action
Pontoon chat
13 Pontoon chat
Richard feasting
14 Richard feasting
Murray mansion
15 Murray mansion
Pontoon BBQ
16 Pontoon BBQ
New tiolet
17 New tiolet
Pontoon chat
18 Pontoon chat
Nicky and Anne
19 Nicky and Anne
The Clovelly Bay Inn
20 The Clovelly Bay Inn
Sail briefing
21 Sail briefing
Morning briefing
22 Morning briefing
Morning briefing
23 Morning briefing
No rush
24 No rush
Plymouth Sound
25 Plymouth Sound
Puffin in fine trim
26 Puffin in fine trim
27 Puffin
Sound sailing
28 Sound sailing
29 Puffin
30 Cawsand
Puffin off Cawsand
31 Puffin off Cawsand
Puffin off Cawsand
32 Puffin off Cawsand
Richard and Graham
33 Richard and Graham
Siesta and Peter Tiplady
34 Siesta and Peter Tiplady
Graham Whiteland
35 Graham Whiteland
Cloud carnival
36 Cloud carnival
Cawsand mooring
37 Cawsand mooring
Cawsand raid
38 Cawsand raid
39 Appuskidu
40 Moonglow
41 Moonglow
Cawsand lunch
42 Cawsand lunch
Cawsand lunch
43 Cawsand lunch
Peter and Jenny Bush
44 Peter and Jenny Bush
Cawsand ferry
45 Cawsand ferry
Nicky, Chris, Anne
46 Nicky, Chris, Anne
Ice cream treat
47 Ice cream treat
Time to go
48 Time to go
Appuskidu, Cawsand
49 Appuskidu, Cawsand
Happy Puffins
50 Happy Puffins
Douglas and Peter
51 Douglas and Peter
Puffin happy hour
52 Puffin happy hour
PYH supper
53 PYH supper
PYH supper
54 PYH supper
PYH supper
55 PYH supper
PYH supper
56 PYH supper
PYH supper
57 PYH supper
PYH supper
58 PYH supper
PYH supper
59 PYH supper
PYH supper
60 PYH supper
PYH supper
61 PYH supper
PYH supper
62 PYH supper
PYH supper
63 PYH supper
PYH supper
64 PYH supper
PYH supper
65 PYH supper
PYH supper
66 PYH supper
PYH supper
67 PYH supper