Drascombe Association

Scottish West Coast Rally - May 25th-27th

Tidal gates prevented a long voyage but on Saturday we beat our way south to anchor in Bagh Ban in the lee of the small island of Creagach Chrosgach. Unfortunately this year there were no dolphins. After lunch we completed the circumnavigation of Shuna running up Shuna Sound before a fine reach back to Craobh. Sunday started very calm but we sailed/motored/rowed/paddled into Ardinamir on Luing. The wind increased as we got there so most boats were able to pass through the narrow entrance under sail before dropping anchor or running ashore. During lunch pressure started dropping and wind speed increased leading to an exciting return to Craobh. On the Monday the vessels on the cruise set off.

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1 Ardinamar
Easdale Harbour
2 Easdale Harbour
Bagh Ban
3 Bagh Ban
4 Jibs
Rocks astern
5 Rocks astern
6 Rowing
Entering Ardinamir
7 Entering Ardinamir
8 Nokomis