Drascombe Association

Rising Tide (Chichester) Rally - August 12th-14th

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 seal indicates shallows!
1 seal indicates shallows!
now listen carefully !
2 now listen carefully !
Overnight at ISC pontoon
3 Overnight at ISC pontoon
the fleet emerges from creek
4 the fleet emerges from creek
Richard works his passage
5 Richard works his passage
Beware of grounded vessels!
6 Beware of grounded vessels!
oars come in useful
7 oars come in useful
8 Bosham
Bundy Bear
9 Bundy Bear
Cutmill Creek
10 Cutmill Creek
Flame Burgers
11 Flame Burgers
Ken Crewing for Steve M.
12 Ken Crewing for Steve M.
Ladder BBQ
13 Ladder BBQ
Martha & Others
14 Martha & Others
15 Mikrobe
16 Mudlark
Peter T.
17 Peter T.
Old pontoon Cutmill Creek
18 Old pontoon Cutmill Creek
Reading Barefoot
19 Reading Barefoot
20 Pamela
Pilsey Anchorage
21 Pilsey Anchorage
Siesta & Christina
22 Siesta & Christina
Steves feet
23 Steves feet
The gathering
24 The gathering
Which Way?
25 Which Way?