Drascombe Association

Loch Lomond Rally - September 7th-8th

The rally was successful with nine boats taking part and rather mixed weather but with some sunshine, and winds that ranged from F0 to F4 and came from variable directions. Three boats launched on Friday and spent the night in the sheltered (i.e. midgy) anchorage of the Haven on Inchconnachan. The rally proper began at Milarrochy Bay in relaxed manner before the fleet sailed off in all directions to meet for lunch on the beach of Inchmoan. The afternoon was spent in travelling a diversity of routes to the piers of the restaurant on Inchmurrin where we moored. Entertainment was provided by a demonstration of the traditional rudder removal and straightening procedure (the shores of Loch Lomond can be rather rocky). An excellent meal was taken in the restaurant. Sunday lunch was taken on the beach of Port Bawn on Inchcailloch after which boats left for their various launching places.

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Ready for the off
1 Ready for the off
2 Tangram
Clarach Mor
3 Clarach Mor
Three boats
4 Three boats
5 Sula
6 Lunch
Leaving Inchmoan
7 Leaving Inchmoan
Inchmurrin 'marina'
8 Inchmurrin 'marina'
Lugger rudder repair
9 Lugger rudder repair
10 Inchcailloch
Almost tropical!
11 Almost tropical!
Drascombe talk
12 Drascombe talk
13 Prawnpipe
On the beach
14 On the beach
Ready for off
15 Ready for off
16 Rain!
Drifting down the loch
17 Drifting down the loch
Launching again
18 Launching again
Rudder removal
19 Rudder removal
Rudder in the rain
20 Rudder in the rain
21 Inchmurrin
That rudder...
22 That rudder...