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  • Swallows?Swallows?
    Anne Yates ©2011
  • HatsHats
    Jack O'Keeffe ©2011
  • Dabber under sailDabber under sail
    Bill Gribble ©2011
  • Sound of MullSound of Mull
    Tom Colville ©2012

  • Vernon Turnbull ©2011
  • Skiff MinimSkiff Minim
    Vernon Turnbull ©2011

The Drascombe Association on the Web

The Drascombe Association is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the traditional-style sailing boats designed by the late John Watkinson. Over 5000 Drascombes of all types have been built since the first Lugger was launched in 1966. They are all simple, rugged, and seakindly.


added some wonderful new Dabber Articles for your reading pleasure - click Articles in the Menu above, then scroll down for newest articles. (by all means submit your own..)
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2013 Photo Competition
The 2013 Photo Competition for your favourite sailing photos has closed for voting;results at AGM see PICS at 2013 Website Photo Competition page.
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EU & World New Memberships
EU & Worldwide New Membership Applications are now completely Online automated - see "Join Us" above
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228 attended over 30 summer rallies in 2013 see Events and start planning 2014!
Added by jol/jack - 29/10/2013

Rally Albums for years 2008-13 are available to view. Click Gallery above. Please send in your sailing photos. info here. We have also added a Members' offsite gallery Archive
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drasapp Why not add the new Drascombe App to your smartphone or iPad see this thread on the Forum (register for pictures)
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We have four new blogs on our links page. Two from the USA, one from Wales and one from the Netherlands
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Note that the renewal date has been changed to 1st January and the amount increased to £15 (UK) on 1st January 2012.

(Renewals are now automated for EU & World Applications and Renewals made after 7/12/13) Please check the membership secretary's reminder for more details.

Drascombe Association News

DAN is our quarterly hardcopy magazine, usually between 40 and 48 pages. Mailed out to members, it is written for and by the membership. Please see the guidelines for submitting articles and images for DAN.
(A Sample edited pdf version from 2013 is now available for non members; click the cover above to download.)

Contributions (especially pictures or Owner's View items for the About Drascombes page) are always welcome and should be sent to Jol. Please see the guidelines for website submissions.

The Drascombe Forum is the place where you can ask questions, have discussions, and research anything to do with Drascombes. Here are the most recent active topics:

Books - Featured Book

Practical Dinghy Cruiser
Paul Constantine

Dinghy Cruising is a popular, practical activity, pursued by hundreds if not thousands of sailors. Surprisingly, there is no recognized, single style of craft specifically for this sport. Each person taking it up must find their own boat and then modify it to make it suitable for their own chosen undertaking. This book is the key to unlocking that whole experience, on a tight budget.

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