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The Drascombe Association is a group of of over 1000 enthusiasts dedicated to the traditional-style sailing boats designed by the late John Watkinson. Over 5000 Drascombes of all types have been built since the first Lugger was launched in 1966. They are all simple, rugged, and seakindly. (Scroll down this page for the Latest News, or visit our Forum or click the photo to visit our Rally Galleries)

  • Saturday racing at Bahia Concepción, MexicoSaturday racing at Bahia Concepción, Mexico
    F.Eisl ©2017
  • A man's best mate, his dog and his beer.A man's best mate, his dog and his beer.
    H.Denmead ©2017
  • Scaffie chasing the Canadair water bomberScaffie chasing the Canadair water bomber
    O.Helgerson ©2017
  • WhoooshhWhoooshh
    john white ©2015

  • julian merson ©2018
  • oulton broadoulton broad
    john christie ©2014
  • Evening anchorageEvening anchorage
    Andy Biggs ©2018
  • Coaster Mellon at close quarters on Horsey MereCoaster Mellon at close quarters on Horsey Mere
    j.merson ©2016
  • The crew arrivesThe crew arrives
    Andy Biggs ©2018
  • Tight fit?Tight fit?
    Peter Waller ©2013
  • flying the flagflying the flag
    A.Biggs ©2017
  • sunday on Derwent Watersunday on Derwent Water
    A Biggs ©2016
  • Summer Memory 2016Summer Memory 2016
    j.wardle ©2016
  • Colourful DrascombesColourful Drascombes
    john christie ©2014
  • The Fastnet RaceThe Fastnet Race
    david mcwhirter ©2015
  • Sailing at Bahia Concepción, MexicoSailing at Bahia Concepción, Mexico
    F.Eisl ©2017

















The following events have unfortunately been cancelled:
KIELDER WATER May 9th and 10th
CRAOBH and WEST COAST May 23rd to 30th
DART May 29th to 31st or June 12 to 14
BRIXHAM June 5th to 7th
RIVER WEY June 26th to 28th

What did you do?
The editor invites members to send photos in under the theme ...
"What did you do when you couldn't go sailing"
preferably with a nautical theme. The aim is to publish them in the Autumn DAN, which would normally be full of rally reports.
Added by AB - 26/03/2020

Forthcoming Events

The DA wishes to support the Government's advice about C19 and therefore it seems unlikely that organised rallies will happen in the near future. Many sailing clubs have already either closed their buildings or are not welcoming visitors. As advice changes members should contact individual rally organisers to see if an event is running.
***Stay Safe Everyone, Socially Close, but Physically Distant***

Added by AB/jol - 21/03/2020

2020 AGM Glasgow
The 2020 DA AGM in Glasgow on Saturday 21st March had to be CANCELLED See this Forum post for forthcoming AGM Reports Photocomp results and more details including possible rescheduling.
Added by jol - 15/03/2020

2019-20 Photo Competition
Voting has now finished. The winners will be announced in the AGM Forum thread and will be published in the next DAN.
Added by jol - 07/02/2020

No 132 was published on 3 Feb 2020, if you have not received your copy please contact the Membership Secretary (and/or avail yourself of a pdf copy from the Members' area)
Added by AB - 04/02/2020

DAN deadline
The next deadline for submitting content to the DAN is 15 April 2020. All contributions are most welcome.
Please follow the guidelines for submissions. Plain text in word format and full size images. Reduced size and web based images can not be used in a printed publication. Please ensure you have the copyright for any material you submit.
Added by AB - 01/05/2019

Adventure or Family Rallies, One day, one weekend or longer; several hundred people attend over 40 summer rallies see Events and start planning your 2019 Sailing Season!
Added by jol/jack - 27/02/2019

2019 AGM Portsmouth
The AGM was held in Portsmouth, at The Royal Naval and Albert Yacht Club on Saturday 23rd March. 2PM
with special Guest Speaker Sam Llewellyn (for more info click pic)

AGM Guest Speaker pic

Added by jol - 01/02/2019

UK, EU & World New Memberships
All New Membership Applications are now completely Online automated - see "Join Us"
Added by jol - 01/12/2018

Event/Rally Guidelines
The Rally Guidelines manual has been updated and revised, and is available to download by Members here.
Added by jol - 15/01/2018

Rally Albums for years 2011-18 are available to view. Click Gallery above. Please send in your sailing photos. info here. We have also added a Members' offsite gallery Archive
Added by jol - 08/01/2018

We have a few new new blogs on our links page. Two from the USA, one from Wales, one from NW England and one from the Netherlands
Added by jol - 31/03/2015

added some new Articles for your reading pleasure - click Articles in the Menu above, then scroll down for newest articles. (by all means submit your own..)
Added by jol - 28/06/2014

drasapp Why not add the new Drascombe App to your smartphone or iPad see this thread on the Forum (register for pictures)
Added by jol - 30/04/2013

Membership of the DA runs for 12 months from the date of enrolment for new members who now join the association and the amount increased to £15 (UK) on 1st January 2012.
(Renewals are now automated for EU & World Applications and Renewals made after 7/12/13) and for those UK members who joined or renewed after 14/4/16 by Paypal or Go Cardless. Please check the membership secretary's reminder for more details.

Drascombe Association News

DAN is our quarterly hardcopy magazine, usually between 40 and 48 pages. Mailed out to members, it is written for and by the membership. Please see the guidelines for submitting articles and images for DAN.
(A Sample edited pdf version from 2013 is now available for non members; click the cover above to download.)

Contributions (especially pictures or Owner's View items for the About Drascombes page) are always welcome and should be sent to Jol . Please see the guidelines for website submissions.

The Drascombe Forum is the place where you can ask questions, have discussions, and research anything to do with Drascombes. Here are the most recent active topics:

Books - Featured Book

Practical Dinghy Cruiser
Paul Constantine

Dinghy Cruising is a popular, practical activity, pursued by hundreds if not thousands of sailors. Surprisingly, there is no recognized, single style of craft specifically for this sport. Each person taking it up must find their own boat and then modify it to make it suitable for their own chosen undertaking. This book is the key to unlocking that whole experience, on a tight budget.

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