Welcome to the Drascombe Association Members Area Info Page

Before entering the Members' Area, it was thought prudent to add this interim page explaining a few things

1/ There are 2 Members' Areas! (with 2 different logins and 2 different passwords) One is in the Forum (not this one), and the other this Main Members' Area which has, among other things, the Archive of DANs, Articles and the Association Memberlist, and requires a username and password, found on DAN (page 4). You also need to be registered on the Forum, and have access to the Forum's memberarea, (ie registered as a DA Member on the Forum), and you need to complete the next step too!!

2/ If you are registered on the Forum as a DA Member, you will need to go there first before logging in here, and you will need to log out and log back in again* -- then you can come back here and click the Link below..

*this is a security requirement as the cookies that hold the info that you are a registered DA Member, expire very quickly -- and thus you will need to 'refresh' them by logging out and logging back into the Forum (if you tick the little box "remember me' when you log into the forum, then you won't have to re-enter your forum password, but don't do this if you are on a Public Access Computer

Access to the Main Members' Area & Archive please Click Here (new DAN password June 1st 2019)

problem? click here

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jol wardle June 1 2019