Drascombe Association

Photography Competition 2019

The 3 categories are

ACTION : Boats under sail.

FUNNY : Amusing situations.

GENERAL : Drascombing - social, candid crew, children, pets, seascapes.

Submitting photographs:

  • Entry is open to Drascombe Association members only, who must have taken the photographs themselves.
  • Each member may submit two photos for each category.
  • Each photo must include a distinctive feature of a boat in the Drascombe tradition.
  • Photos may have been taken at any time, but mustn't have been entered in a previous competition.
  • The photos should be sent as JPEG images at the highest available resolution, either as email attachments or via Dropbox
  • Each photo should be identified in the email with category, number and your name
    eg Action-1-Fiona Smith, General-2-David Drabble.
  • Please provide in the email a short and long caption for each photograph.
  • The closing date for submission is 31st December 2019
  • Photographs should be submitted in the normal way.
  • The email address for the competition is


  • Voting will take place between January 1st - February 28 2020
  • You must be logged into the forum and have 'Drascombe Association Member' ( be able to access this link) as your usergroup to be able to vote, or view your selection.
  • You will then need to log out of the forum and back in again for authentication to take place.
  • Each DA member will be able to place a vote for one photograph in each category.
  • To place a vote, please view the album and look at the individual images (not just the thumbnails), when you see the one you want to vote for, there will be a green 'Vote for me' link at the top. Click that and you have voted.
  • If you change your mind, then click on a different one.
  • When you re-view the images you will see which one you have voted for.
  • Below are thumbnails of the photos you have voted for (one from each category). If you can't see them then you can't vote (or haven't voted yet) - see points 2 and 3 above.