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This is an advert free zone but here is the photobook presented to Margaret in memory of Doug



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Whilst waiting for next sailing season, a new "Campervan corner" section was added in January.


This spring I was very busy working on Appuski Too and now (Jun) that the summer sailing has started I will update the Drascombe Projects section soon with this year's mods.







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Syria -

A trip as tourists in this amazing country shortly before much of thousands of years of history was turned to rubble.


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Drascombe Projects

Drascombes - not just Coasters. Now includes Drifter 22 items

Service small outboards

Particularly single cylinder 4 strokes.

Boat Trailers

Government expects disintegrating trailer brakes! Nylon rollers etc.


Cruises - Appuski Too

Viking Cruise Appuski Too joins Drascombes from England, Scotland, Eire and Netherlands on a cruise from Denmark to Norway.


Cruises - Appuskidu

A selection :-

Netherlands - Appuskidu visits a

Drascombe rally on the WaddenZee.

Scotland Drascombe rally

and cruise and on to Fingals cave.

Venice and Croatia

Drascombes to the Adriatic

Brest Amazing photos from Brest festival.

Semaine du Golfe

Photos from the Morbihan.


St Petersburg.

Book cover

A record of this trip is recorded in the book "Appuskidu went too" which members of the Association can loan from the Drascombe Association "Books" page.


Campervan Corner

Living with Bertie the Bilbo's



Picture of Paul Paul Hopwood

Classical & Operatic




Aofe O'Sulivan

Classical & Operatic Soprano



Choir PhotoWeybridge Male Voice Choir

Douglass other interest


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Site for all things Drascombe related.


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A tourist trip











Three Drascombes and

a motor boat

travel to


Venice and Croatia
















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Fte maritime internationale



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