Small Ads Advertising

Advertising is now available to non Members as well as DA Members.

How to place a small ad:
1/Read the "Terms and Conditions" below. This explains what you can advertise, how much it costs and what you get.

2/Look at the small ads webpage, or a recent copy of Drascombe Association News.
Notice that the small ads are in a standard format which is imposed by the adverts software and which your advert must follow.

3/Send the text of your advert BY EMAIL to smallads@drascombe-association.org.uk
(or by post to the small ads address in DAN only if strictly necessary)

Non members wishing to advertise must provide full postal address, email address and telephone number with their advert. Your postal address will not appear in the advert but is required for your temporary membership.

4/Pay by Paypal using the box at the bottom of the page to select the length and type of advert. You do not need a Paypal account to use this. (Or send a cheque payable to "Drascombe Association" to the small ads address in DAN only if strictly necessary)

Terms and Conditions:
Members standard small ad: £11 for 25 words.
Members long small ad: £22 for 50 words.
Non members standard small ad: £30 for 25 words.
Non members long small ad: £40 for 50 words

Seller's name, location, telephone number and email address are not included in the word count.

What you can advertise:
Small ads are restricted to non-trade sales of Drascombes, or other boats based closely on John Watkinson's designs, or associated items. To protect and inform buyers, small ads for all boats should declare the brand (i.e Drascombe, Devon, Deben etc.), hull material and original build year and / or hull number where these are known. Pre RCD boats which do not have a Craft Identification Number usually have a number stamped on the stemhead or written on the back of the builder's plate.

What you get:
Adverts will be placed on the website on receipt of payment, and will appear in the next DAN dependant on the copy deadline. Unless renewed by payment of another fee, ads will appear in one edition of DAN and will be removed from the website when we are notified that the item has been sold or when the succeeding edition of DAN is published.

Things to note:
PLEASE do let us know when your boat or other item is sold. This avoids unwanted emails and phone calls and saves unnecessary frustration for potential buyers.
Please note that there is no advantage to advertising just prior to the DAN deadline as this means your advert will only appear on the website for a maximum of three months, and makes additional work for all concerned as we try to avoid DAN appearing with adverts for boats which have already been sold.

Adverts for goods valued up to 100 (or Wanted ads) are FREE for DA Members, but appear in DAN only. These should be sent direct to the DAN Editor.

This service as with everything we do is operated by volunteers. Particularly during the sailing season you may not receive an immediate response. If you have not heard anything after about a week, please contact us by email or the contact forms on this website.

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