Drascombe Association

Scottish West Coast Rally - June 1st-9th

Two gentle sailing days in Loch Sunart, based on the new pontoons at Salen, and then a transition to a genuine Liveaboard Cruise. Overnight in Drumbuie; crossing to overnight in Tobermory; around the north and north west coasts of Mull and south to overnight at Gometra. Circumnavigation of Staffa, and short break among the Treshnish islands. Return to north Mull anchoring overnight in Loch Cuan. Then home, up Loch Sunart to the pontoons at Salen, in the face of a deteriorating weather picture that brought squally rain.

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Loch Sunart
1 Loch Sunart
Loch Sunart
2 Loch Sunart
Departing Loch Drumbuie
3 Departing Loch Drumbuie
Sound of Mull
4 Sound of Mull
Tuesday morning
5 Tuesday morning
Treshnish islands
6 Treshnish islands
Treshnish islands
7 Treshnish islands
Home safe
8 Home safe
9 Drumbuie
Drumbuie 2
10 Drumbuie 2
Drumbuie 3
11 Drumbuie 3
12 Morvern
13 Tobermory
Tobermory 2
14 Tobermory 2
15 Staffa
Staffa 2
16 Staffa 2
Staffa 3
17 Staffa 3
Staffa 4
18 Staffa 4
Treshnish Islands
19 Treshnish Islands
West Coast Rally 2012
20 West Coast Rally 2012
Evening light Gometra
21 Evening light Gometra
Off Caliach Head Mull
22 Off Caliach Head Mull
Another sunset
23 Another sunset
And another sunset
24 And another sunset
All secure?
25 All secure?
Salen pontoon
26 Salen pontoon
27 Staffa
The Waverley
28 The Waverley
Whisper of Sunart
29 Whisper of Sunart
Alone on the ocean
30 Alone on the ocean
31 Salen
Loch Sunart
32 Loch Sunart
Looking east up Loch Sunart
33 Looking east up Loch Sunart
Loch Teacuis
34 Loch Teacuis
Setting sail
35 Setting sail
Rannoch Moor
36 Rannoch Moor