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This is a list of miscellaneous links to other websites likely to be of interest to the average Drascomber. All these links open a new window so that you don't lose your place here.
Please tell us about any other links you think should be on this page. Please let us know also if you find any of these links are broken. While we offer these links in good faith, the Drascombe Association is not responsible for the content of other websites.

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Tony Smith's blog of sailing on the River Blackwater Estuary, Essex.
Daisy II
Julian Merson's blog for his Coaster Daisy II.
David McWhirter's blog
David McWhirter's blog "The Voyages of Tra Bhui"
Douglas Hopwood's Projects
The late Douglas Hopwood's Projects Website now hosted on our site (with thanks to his son Peter)
Dragon Drascombe
The Drascombe Ionian Experience offers the opportunity to explore the delights of the islands and harbours of the Southern Ionian.
Drascombe Coaster Moksha blog
Ian Cowie's blog which is more of a log of modifications and journeys.
Flickr photo group
Not a blog or a video but belongs in a 'new technology' group
Blog about a Coaster called Kathleen
Sharon Geary-Harwood's blog
Sharon's blog
Small Boat Restoration
Small Boat Restoration; Kent Blair Lewis's Blog, with tips on their restorations, plus sailing adventures.
South Coast Shrimper
Dick Pizey's blog. Although Dick no longer owns a Drascombe, he still sails with them and attends (and organises) Association rallies.
Thin Water Annie
Curt Bowman's blog about his Coaster Annie.
Voyage of Valdesca: a Drascombe longboat
Claudia Lewis's Blog