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This is a list of miscellaneous links to other websites likely to be of interest to the average Drascomber. All these links open a new window so that you don't lose your place here.
Please tell us about any other links you think should be on this page. Please let us know also if you find any of these links are broken. While we offer these links in good faith, the Drascombe Association is not responsible for the content of other websites.

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Douglas Hopwood's Projects
The late Douglas Hopwood's Projects Website now hosted on our site (with thanks to his son Peter)
Drascombe Boats
Builders of new boats, refurbished boats, brokerage, repairs, spares, accessories, trailers.
Honnor Marine
Manufacturers of Devon boats and providers of spares for Drascombes and Devons. Second Hand boats also sold.
Jeckells the Sailmakers
Manufacturers of sails for over 177 years.
Just Lugger Joinery & More
Manufacturers of joinery and spars, and suppliers of accessories.
R&J Sails
New sails for the entire Drascombe range.