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This is a list of miscellaneous links to other websites likely to be of interest to the average Drascomber. All these links open a new window so that you don't lose your place here.
Please tell us about any other links you think should be on this page. Please let us know also if you find any of these links are broken. While we offer these links in good faith, the Drascombe Association is not responsible for the content of other websites.

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Cruising Guides
Detailed information about boating facilities and activities including marinas, slipways, chandleries and tidal information for the next seven days.
Cork Harbour guidance for leisure craft.
Dragon Drascombe
The Drascombe Ionian Experience offers the opportunity to explore the delights of the islands and harbours of the Southern Ionian.
Dublin Harbour guidance for leisure craft.
United Kingdom Hydrographic Office Admiralty Charts - Searchable Notices to Mariners. This will enable you to search the Notices to Mariners service for updates to Admiralty Charts by Chart or NM Number.
Ports and Harbours of the UK
This web site has a photograph, details and contacts for over 900 ports, harbours, jetties and piers around the coastline of the UK
Solent Tightwad Sailor
A sailors guide to the Solent, where to go and what to see without spending a fortune
The Marine Leisure Guide contains helpful information on everything from pre-departure preparation such and what equipment to carry, understanding tides and weather, lights and signals used by vessels, and navigational safety. It also contains information on Local Notices to Mariners and being aware of the various VHF channels used by HM Coastguard, Southampton Pilots and ABP’s Southampton’s Vessel Traffic Service, which controls shipping movements in and around The Solent and Southampton Wa